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Marg - 'Think You Like It When I'm Gone'


Executive Producer Margarita & Santiago Calogero

Featuring Rebecca L'Amore (@princesscyberspace), Erin Gray (@erinannegray), Mikala Jones (@mikalajonez), & Maxi Witrak (@maddmaxi)

Directed by Santiago Calogero

Director of Photography Santiago Calogero

AC - Chad Corhan

2nd AC - Brendan Sweeney

AD - Iya Baclagan

Producer - Santiago Caloger, Iya Baclagan

Steadicam Operator/A-Cam - James Geyer

Gaffer - Jeremy Guico

Key Grip - Andrew Kendall

Key Rigging Grip - Brendan Riel

PA - Karmen San Diego

Filmed in Los Angeles/Lancaster

ARRI SR3 (Outdoor Desert Scene) & Arri Alexa 

Special thanks to Chloe Peppes, Margarita, and Iya Baclagan


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